World Party Travel was founded in 2012 as a travel agency which is producing, organizing, promoting and tour selling events with DJs from all over the world.Our first parties outside Russia were organized for russian football fans  in Austria and Monaco in 2008.

Every year in early May we take our festival guests to the beautiful seaside of Turkey (Belek-Antalya-Kemer) to new luxurious all incl.5* hotels. Our customers pay only once - all food, drinks, living and parties are included. The territory is closed for strangers, so you may be sure to meet only comfortable people and get the best service. We are proud to work with such musicians as Martinez Brothers, Infinity ink, M.A.N.D.Y., Pirupa, Audiofly, Monkey Brothers, Glance Off, Supernova, Super Lounge, Les Shmitz, Paolo Cecchetto, Daniele Travali, Tone of Arc, CHPLN, S.Y.F., List, Agraba, Dr.Spy.Der, Nils, Denis A, Sanchez, Yasha F and many others.

In the middle of 2000s we were searching for European events attracting a lot of Russians and organized our musical parties around those events. We’d like to mention Austria (during the European Football Championship) and Monaco (UEFA final match between russian team «Zenit» and Manchester United) in  2008. After some time we had enough experience and loyal audience to make our own events outside Russia.

Our history in brief:
- June 2008 (2 weeks) - club «MIRAX-RAI» Innsbruck, Austria - organizing of the Russian Club House during the European Football Championship
-August 2008 - club «Le KARE(MENT)», Monaco - «Saint Petersburg Landing» for the fans of Saint Petersburg’s team Zenit who came to watch the UEFA final (Zenith-Manchester United)
- May 2009 (7 days) Sungate Port Royal, Turkey - a few events with Moscow’ «RAI» nightclub for more than 200 guests
- May 2010 (7 days) Sungate Port Royal, Turkey - Russian Club Festival Week - more than 300 guests
- May 2011 (7 days) ADAM&EVE Hotel, Turkey - Russian Club Festival Week - more than 400 guests
- May 2012 (7 days) ADAM&EVE Hotel, Turkey - Russian Club Festival Week - more than 600 guests
- June 2012 (3 days) AURA ODESSA, Ukraine, club opening and concerts - 5000 guests
- May 2013 (7 days) – MARDAN PALACE Hotel, Turkey, WORLD PARTY TRAVEL festival, 800 guests
- May 2014 (7 days) – PREMIER PALACE Hotel, Turkey, WORLD PARTY TRAVEL festival, 450 guests (due to the hotel capacity )
- May 2015 (7 days) – TITANIC DELUXE BELEK, Turkey, WORLD PARTY TRAVEL festival, 350 guests
- May 2016 (7 days) – MUSSERA, Abkhazia, WORLD PARTY TRAVEL, 250 guests.

- January 2017 (14 days) – PHU QUOC, Vietnam, EPIZODE support, 3000 guests.

- May 2017 (14 days) - LE FOREST RESORT, PHU QUOC, Vietnam, WORLD PARTY TRAVEL, 80 guests.

- January 2018 (10 days) – PHU QUOC, Vietnam, EPIZODE 2 support, 6000 guests.

- June 2018 (3 days) - MSC OPERA, Genova - Sardinia - Corsica - Genova, MDRNTY CRUISE support, 2000 guests.

- January 2018 (10 days) – PHU QUOC, Vietnam, EPIZODE 3 support, 10000 guests.

After a few years of work we’ve attracted attention not only of the target audience, but also of marketing and media companies. We are constantly searching for new areas, fresh decisions and forms.

Our people.
We can describe our guests as trend-setters, people of fashion industry, businessmen. Constantly searching for new currencies and ideas, bright decisions they are sharing their tastes and favors with those around them.

women – 50%, men – 50%

         •        men’ age: 23-42, most of them under 30;
         •        women’ age: 18-30, most of them 21-28

Partnership now.
We also organize promo tours all the year round to set new contacts and invite russians outside Moscow to join our festivals. Russian and foreign musicians travel with us to explore our beautiful country as well as an experienced cameraman so that we can make a small movie about each of these journeys and share our impressions with our friends all over the world.

Today we cooperate with Megapolis FM (one of Russia's top radio stations, Coral Travel agency, Gett taxi service, Aviasales (the major Russian travel search service) and Night2Day (the online project about Moscow's nightlife). All of them contribute to our project and this support and recognition of what we do with love and enthusiasm is really precious.

We are always searching for new ideas and destinations. Please feel free to contact us if you want to invite World Party Travel to your city or search for promotion of your projects.


CORAL TRAVEL which started its operations in Moscow in 1994, has become one of the most reliable companies in the Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian markets thanks to its experience in the sector and high-quality service understanding.

Coral Travel carries on business with the headquarters located at Moscow-Russia, Kiev-Ukraine; Minsk-Belarus, Warsaw-Poland, Tbilisi-Georgia and Istanbul-Turkey. Coral Travel, which is one of the three most important operators in its activity area, organizes flights to 28 countries and 55 destinations from 37 cities of Russia, 5 cities of Ukraine, 10 cities of Poland, Belarus (Minsk), Turkey and Georgia. Coral Travel sends tourists to Turkey, Spain, Egypt, Thailand, Greece, Tunisia, Russia, Morocco, Israel, UAE, China, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Indonesia(Bali), the Maldives, Vietnam, the Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Singapore, India(Goa),Tanzania(Zanzibar), Cambodia, Mauritius, Jordan, Mexico, Austria,Bulgaria, and Andorra.

MEGAPOLIS 89,5 FM is a Moscow-based independent electronic radio station with more than 12 years history. It is the only Moscow FM radiostation playing underground electronic music across the board,and it provides a platform for local Russian artists alongside international producers and DJs.


house / Red Bull Music Academy Radio / Claptone, Suara Podcats /

Selector Afterdark / Robin Schulz / Chicane / Grant Nelson /Roger


NIGHT2DAY.RU  portal, developing the partnership, it is interested in expansion of network of the representations in all regions of Russia, but also in other countries. We offer mutually beneficial cooperation. The essence of our program of partnership consists in that using the checked technologies of business, to help our partners using competitive advantages of our company, to surely master a market segment in the region.

We invite the people interested in promotion of a photo of reportings and advertizing to mutually beneficial cooperation.

At the moment the main requirement to the partner is desire to construct the business in the field of a photo of reportings and advertizing, or to expand possibilities of ready business.

We already opened in Tallinn, Minsk, St. Petersburg and in other large cities. Very advantageous conditions of a cooperation! NIGHT2DAY.RU looks for regional partners.




 Representative ALMA - ATA (KZ)


Music Director

 Representative in MILANO (IT)


 Representative in KIEV/ODESSA (UA)


 Representative in VERONA (IT)



Russia / Ukraine / Kazakhstan / Abkhazia / Turkey / Italy / Monaco / Austria / Thailand / Vietnam