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Paolo Cecchetto was born in Padua  in 1980. Thanks to his great passion for music, in 1997- at the age of 16- he joined the St@rg@me project as a resident DJ. Since then he collaborated with music clubs such as: ALTER EGO (Verona), INSOMNIA (Pisa), NIGHT & DAY, SPOT, JOIA and COTTON CLUB(Venice), BOOM and WILDCHILD (Vicenza), NIGHTWAVE (Rimini), STARKEY and NIAGARA (Treviso), THE BASE, THE GAME, PAR HASARD, ARPAX  and DIGISTAR (Padua), PAPAJA, AIDA, EX and THE MURETTO in Jesolo (Venice).

He took also part to prestigious AFTERs such as SPECIAL  KEY and DARK CITY in Padua.

From 2001 to 2005 he has been resident DJ of MAYDAY in Venice and played at the DYNAMIC (Treviso), PARTY CLUB (Rovigo), MATRIX (Brescia), CABANA (Venice), NIRVANA, EDEN 02, DIGISTAR, HEAVEN and EAST SIDE WORLD (Padua).

In summer 2005 he was one of the first DJs to invest in the seafront of Sottomarina, creating events such as EMBARASADA beach.

From 2005 to 2009 he was resident DJ at 909where he shared the console with world famous DJs such as Carl Creig, Paul Ritch, Anthony Collins, Italoboyz, Scarlette Etienne, Shonky, Marc Antona, Marcell Dettman, Valentino Kanziani, Danilo Vigorito and Oliver Huntemann. He also collaborated with TNT, PACHUCA, CIELO and ZANZIBAR (Venice), DOMUS AREA and REPLAY in Foggia, BARRACUDA (Ferrara), VILLA SELMI (Rovigo), LE CLAN, TRILOGY and TRIBE (Padua), THE RANCH, and ALL IN (Treviso) and K-Club in Jesolo, where he shared the console with international DJs like JULIAN JEWEIL, MONIKA KRUSE, JEFF MILLS, UMEK and MARCO BAILEY.

Founder and DJ of the PLAYALOCA project, now he is resident DJ in one of the most important Clubs in Italy: THE MURETTO in Jesolo. Moreover he is one of the protagonists at MARCO POLO (RELOAD), at PULSE FESTIVAL in Slovenia and at the CIRCOLO DEGLI ILLUMINATI in Rome.

Actually Paolo can boast more than 18 years of experience in the night music panorama with more than 2,000 events behind.

The experience as a DJ-producer started in 1999 with the EP “Enjoy the trip” (Tomahawk Rec.) and continued in 2008 with the release of the singles “Minimal Traktor” (BRG) and “Opters” (Mauro Alpha rmx) on the ambitious label Supreme Rec.

The release of “BLIND EP”  on Borghese Incisioni in 2009 brought him to the top positions of the Minimal charts in the USA, and he got excellent reviews from a lot of famous DJs, protagonists of the most important events in NYC and Hollywood such as Damien Ford and DJ Erphun.

In 2010 the coming of "IN OUT, OPTERS, AFTERTEA and SPIRITIK ROOM” with the record company BRG.

In 2014 with the release of “Dia de Locos” EP, he rose the charts with the single NOCHE that RICHIE HAWTIN has  played in all his American tour, choosing it as the opening disk at CREAMFIELD in Buenos Aires and during his dj set at TIME WARP in NY, to name but a few.

A Disk Jockey of strong personality, he distinguishes himself for his dj-sets TECH-HOUSE that combine house music sound to culminations of techno influences. The refined and extreme use of vocal samples and filters make his whole BACKGROUND particularly lively.

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