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Glance Off 

Raffaele Iannucci is an artist who can tell something about the landscape of clubbing, have already garnered numerous productions of prominent labels until one succeed on Ultra Music in 2014 like Glance Off . Since then, there has been an exponential growth in the scene of music production and his performance in the big clubs, festivals, with appearances on Radio International as Ibiza Global Radio Berlin Essential, Pulse Radio Parkett... His sound comes from the fusion of sounds belonging to the 80s with those of contemporary melodic techno, through a minimal deep; warm and enveloping sounds warm track, routing the clubbers to undertake a journey that ends with the last record.

In the last year have been very present in the rankings of electronic music portals entering the top 100 on various genres Techno, Deep, Tech-house, printing on Italian and international labels such as: Ultra Records, Nonstop, Monique Musique, KDB records, Go Deeva,  Progrezo records, Ephemeral Music  Zoo Lab and coming soon… Stay tuned... for the news !!!

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